Our Steering Committee

The SEA Alliance is governed by a Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from seven member organisations. One of those members is elected Chair.  The Head of the SEA Alliance, and the SEA Alliance Secretariat also sit on the Steering Committee. Steering Committee membership is reviewed in February each year.

The current SEA Alliance Steering Committee members are:

  • Agathe Caublot, Tesco
  • Amber Madley, New England Seafood International Ltd
  • Estelle Brennan, Lyons Seafoods
  • Hannah Radvan, M&S
  • Julia Black, Hilton Food Group
  • Louise McCafferty, Joseph Robertson (Aberdeen) Ltd
  • William Davies, Young’s Seafood

All members of the SEA Alliance are eligible to join the SEA Alliance Steering Committee, with overall membership reviewed in February each year.

  • When vacancies arise, all SEA Alliance members can nominate either themselves or other members as potential candidates to join the Steering Committee.
  • The term for membership of the SEA Alliance Steering Committee is two years.
  • A departing Steering Committee member may nominate themselves to re-join the Steering Committee and can serve up to three consecutive terms (a maximum of six years).

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