Management and secretariat

The day to day running and management of the SEA Alliance is undertaken by the Head of the SEA Alliance, and the SEA Alliance Secretariat.

Georgia Worrall, as Head of the SEA Alliance, leads the organisation’s day-to-day work.

  • Responsible for the development and delivery of the SEA Alliance Strategy and Workplan.
  • Leads the external engagement of the SEA Alliance and associated advocacy initiatives.
  • Supports delivery of programmes of work within Working Groups and reporting to the SEA Alliance Steering Committee on progress.
  • Responsible for development of KPIs and Monitoring and Evaluation of SEA Alliance impact.
  • Responsible for funder engagement and narrative reporting.
  • Responsible for commissioning external consultants to deliver key work activities, as well as their project management, to ensure timely delivery against budget and to the required quality.


Karen Green provides the Secretariat for the SEA Alliance.

This includes organising all the SEA Alliance internal and external meetings, and managing the internal and external communications (including website management), as well as supporting the work being undertaken under the various work programmes.

Karen works for Seafish as part of their Responsible Sourcing Team, covering Industry Issues and Communications. Karen facilitates a number of discussion forums for Seafish that bring stakeholders together to discuss issues surrounding responsibly sourced seafood. This includes in-kind support for the SEA Alliance.

Seafish is the fiscal sponsor of the SEA Alliance. As the grantable entity, Seafish, on behalf of the SEA Alliance, has taken on the legal and fiscal responsibility for managing and spending the funding aligned with the purpose of the grant, and according to the budget submitted for the work by the SEA Alliance.

Both the Head of the SEA Alliance and the Secretariat sit on the Steering Committee.


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