Pre-departure films – UK fishing

UK retailer Waitrose has created a series of videos to help educate and inform overseas crew about their rights when working in UK fishing.

The four-video series, which were translated into nine languages, review workers’ legal rights and offer practical advice, such as how to buy and use international phone credits

The videos educate workers – particularly migrant workers – on what to expect when entering the sector. The films feature fishermen from countries including India, Latvia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Ghana. The clips share worker’s real experiences, and the things they wish they’d known when starting work in the UK. The videos clearly explain workers’ legal rights – including ensuring adequate rest, entitlements to pay for all hours worked, safety training, and the provision of free personal protective equipment – with the aim of improving welfare standards across the industry.

The videos were produced by independent human rights consultancy Impactt, in partnership with the Seafarers’ Charity, Stella Maris, and The International Transport Workers Federation. They provide valuable information for those joining the UK fishing industry, offering insights into work conditions, pay expectations, and rest time. The four films were directed, filmed, and edited by Lark Rise Pictures, and were filmed across all four UK countries during multi-day fishing trips.

In coordination with the videos, the organizations conducted interviews with 40 fishermen, who corroborated many of the findings of a 2022 report “Letting exploitation off the hook,” which detailed the abuses migrant workers faced in the UK fishing industry.

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