Governance and meetings

We believe that transparent and effective governance is critical to the SEA Alliance helping to drive the improvements we want to see in the global seafood industry.

We have a simple governance structure, which is set out in our Terms of Reference, and we review it on an annual basis to identify if any changes are needed.

Our member companies elect a Steering Committee, which is responsible for the strategic oversight of the initiative. The Steering Committee nominates a Chair on an annual basis.

The day to day activities of the SEA Alliance are led by the Head of the SEA Alliance, with the support of a member of the Seafish team who acts as the Secretariat.

Where necessary, Working Groups of SEA Alliance member companies are created to implement key aspects of the workplan or develop strategy – currently we have the following working groups: Governance, Human Rights Due Diligence, Advocacy and Engagement and the Change on the Water Fund.

SEA Alliance Governance Structure

We hold regular all-member meetings

The SEA Alliance holds meetings every quarter – three of these are online. An in person meeting is held in March each year. These meetings are an opportunity to update all members on priority activities and key developments.

We also hold adhoc meetings for members on current topics. These meetings provide a platform for information sharing between members.

Read our strategy and workplan to learn more about our areas of work

Our strategy and workplan

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