Seafood Expo Global. SEA Alliance launch programme to develop commitments to advance human rights and labour standards in seafood supply chains.

26 April 2023

A number of seafood businesses attending the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona attended the SEA Alliance lunchtime retailer and business discussion session to discuss opportunities for collaboration in addressing human rights and and labour standards issues in seafood supply chains.

This meeting convened retailers, seafood businesses, trade union representatives, and NGOs to launch the development of a set of powerful, co-designed commitments that will be refined and finalised over the next 12 months, alongside the existing SEA Alliance work programme.

The commitments will focus specifically on advancing human rights and labour standards in seafood supply chains. Once finalised, they will provide a clear anchor-point around which retailers and seafood businesses can coalesce in a joint mission to play an impactful role in safeguarding the rights of fishers and other workers in their seafood supply chains. The commitments will provide a clear framework for ongoing action and progress reporting across the SEA Alliance membership, and beyond – with the Alliance hoping to engage a wide range of businesses internationally to strengthen this mission.


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