Young’s Seafood Limited

Young’s Seafood Limited is the largest manufacturer of value added fresh, chilled and frozen seafood products in the UK.
We engage on a pre-competitive basis with other stakeholders in the wider industry through our participation in the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance (SEA Alliance). Through the SEA Alliance, we have supported a number of national and international initiatives to promote improvements in human rights in wild capture fisheries, including our endorsement of the Environmental Justice Foundation’s Ten Principles for Global Transparency in the seafood industry. This included participating in a SEA Alliance working group to develop and implement the recommendations of the PAS1550 Code of Practice for exercising due diligence in establishing the legal origin of seafood products and marine ingredients

Young’s have manufacturing sites in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, producing food products that carry the Young’s suite of brands as well as major multiple retailer own labels. They procure raw materials from both domestic UK fisheries and fish farms as well as from overseas sources. They also buy non-fish raw materials, recipe ingredients, packaging items and a range of other goods and services.

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