Morrisons is one of the UK’s largest retailers of food, clothing and general merchandise.
Modern slavery issues in global food supply chains are often complex and challenging. We acknowledge that we cannot deliver meaningful impact on our own and remain committed to working with others in an open and collaborative manner to leverage change. Working in this way enables us to maximise the resources we have available and ensures that guidance is delivered consistently through our shared supply chains.

Our engagement with our suppliers, competitors, NGOs, charities, Trade Unions and multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs), including the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance, on projects relevant to modern slavery forms a key part of our strategy.

They employ more than 110,00 colleagues in 497 stores, and an annual turnover of £17.5bn. They operate a significant wholesale business and supply retail outlets across the UK with Safeway products and national brands. Their focus on fresh food is supported by their ‘farm to fork’ business model. They buy many of their fresh products directly from farmers and fishermen, process through their own manufacturing sites and abattoirs and distribute through their own network.

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