LDH (La Doria) Ltd

LDH (La Doria) Ltd is a leading own label supplier of a wide range of ambient foods.
Given that no country is fully exempt from modern slavery and human trafficking risks, we acknowledge that our supply chains and manufacturers need to be aware of and mitigate these risks. As their UK buyer, LDH has established due diligence and communication channels with suppliers which includes communicating customer human rights and ethical trade policies. We have developed strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers globally and have broadened our supply chain mapping process to cover an increased range of products back to source.

With over 60 years’ experience supplying the major UK supermarkets with products British shoppers love, LDH is recognised as the leading Own Label supplier of a wide range of ambient foods, sourced from every corner of the world.

LDH is an importer and distributer of ambient grocery food products, packed seasonally and throughout the year for the UK retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors.  The company’s focus is on private-label ranges, predominantly ambient pasta, vegetables, pulses, fruits, fish, chocolate, cooking sauces, condiments and meal kits. Due to the nature of products, the majority are sourced from outside the UK, with global sourcing of ingredients and commodities.


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