Joseph Robertson

Committed to sourcing ethical, sustainable raw material and supplying the very best quality, best value products possible.

We commit to developing and adopting a risk-based and proactive approach to tackle the serious issue of hidden labour exploitation, and putting effective systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery taking place, within our business, or our complex and often remote supply chain. We collaborate and partner with various organisations, including the Seafood Ethics Action Alliance.

Founded in 1878 by Joseph Robertson, the company boasts a fourth generation of family ownership totally committed to the ideals of producing the very best value, best quality sea to plate produce.

Located in the heart of the Aberdeen fishing community, Joseph Robertson has one of the most modern seafood manufacturing sites in the UK. The company specialises in secondary food processing, and is one of the largest independent value added seafood manufacturers in the UK. They supply a range of products to major retailers across the UK, manufacturing for the retailers’ own label brands. In addition, the company also has its own product ranges. Core product lines include coated fillets, traditional fishcakes and melting centre fishcakes.

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