Iceland Foods Limited

The Iceland Group is a privately owned UK food retailer, manufacturer and exporter.
We do our utmost to treat our own employees fairly, and are committed to paying them as well as we can. We expect our suppliers to ensure respect for the human rights and welfare of their employees, and to take all necessary measures to guard against modern slavery and human trafficking in their own supply chains. Specifically, we require all our suppliers to comply with our Iceland Worker Welfare Policy.

Iceland’s principal operating company is Iceland Foods Limited (“Iceland Foods”), the UK’s leading specialist retailer of frozen food, which also retails grocery and chilled foods and non-food items. This operates more than 1,000 stores in the UK, trading as Iceland or The Food Warehouse, which are served by five regional distribution centres.

Iceland International Limited (“Iceland International”) is the global trading business exporting primarily Iceland own label products to more than 40 countries worldwide, including our network of company-owned stores in the Republic of Ireland and Czech Republic, and franchised stores in Spain, Portugal, the Channel Islands, Iceland and elsewhere.

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