Aldi UK

Aldi UK and Ireland is part of a family-owned international supermarket chain that operates in 11 countries.
We are a global, responsible retailer, making changes to be better every day – whether that’s being greener as a business, helping our shoppers live healthier lifestyles, or playing our part in creating a fairer society, we are working to drive positive change.

Aldi operates with honesty and integrity wherever we do business around the world. We are committed to respecting human rights and improving living and working conditions throughout our supply chains. We constantly assess our actual and potential impacts on human rights in order to prevent or mitigate the adverse impacts of our business or remediate where necessary. Based on our assessments we develop strategies and continually improve our processes and practices.

Aldi UK and Ireland has over 1,100 stores and is part of the Aldi South Group, which has more than 7,160 stores across 11 countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and China).

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