GSA releases update to Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard

There are a number of new requirements in the new RFVS Issue 2.0 including the development and incorporation of a zero-tolerance policy for managing instances of serious human rights atrocities affecting crew members, as well as zero tolerance for the use of illegal child labour. Lastly, support/tender vessels can be included, audited, and certified as part of the group/fleet assessment process.

Currently, 27 vessels that cover 610 crew members across the world are RFVS-certified under the RFVS Issue 1.1 and will not be subject to the new requirements until their certifications expire, three years after initial certification date. The first vessel to RFVS Issue 1.1 was certified in January 2021, less than a year out from the first significant update to RFVS in June 2020. Two fleets are in the process of getting certified to the new issue.

Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard Issue 2>

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